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Products & Materials Inventory Tracker

Products & Materials Inventory Tracker

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With the Products & Materials Inventory Tracker, you will never again run out of inventory or lose money due to lack of tracking. You'll be able to efficiently track your inventory and materials, from tracking product and material quantities to projected inventory profits, this sheet will help your business run smoothly. Likewise, you can view the status and value of your inventory.


-Transaction Record:
Record all the details of your products and materials.

-Entries Transactions:
Record the amount of products or materials that you need to add to your inventory and continuously track the entries you make.

-Sales Transactions:
Records all sales transactions and inventory issues and continuously tracks sales revenue.

-Products inventory:
View the status of the available quantity of your products and their net value. Also, you have the option to filter sales, according to the period you select.

-Materials inventory:
Continuously track the availability of your materials and know the real general inventory numbers.


-Register up to 1000 products or materials.
-MULTI-CURRENCY panel so you can choose the currency of your preference.
-Available in both formats (Excel & Google Sheets).
-DEMO file available for you to view an example of the product.
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