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Business Finance Tracker

Business Finance Tracker

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Transform the Finances of your Business with our product "Business Finance Tracker".

With our Business Finance Tracker you will be able to organize your business finances to increase income, decrease or control expenses and thus are able to scale your project or business to the next level. Do not keep doing manual or tedious calculations, our semi-automatic product will help you.

What will you find in this product?

  • Transactions Log:
Record all your daily, monthly or annual economic data.

  • Monthly & Annual Dashboard:
Filter by the month you need to view and compare all the income, expenses or investments of your Business. Also, you can use the Annual Panel to view all economic records throughout the year.

  • Annual Comparison Dashboard:
Compare up to 5 years the income and expenses of your business.

  • Account Balance Dashboard:
View the balance of your business accounts. You can also enter the current balance, before starting to register in each account.

  • Products & Materiales Invetory Tracker:
Continuously track the availability of your products & materials, and know the real investment and profit numbers.

Why choose this product?

    • A multi - year product you can register up to 5 years.
    • Multicurrency panel.
    • Excel & Google Sheets formats available.
    • Demo file available for you to view an example of the product.

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